Monday, October 21, 2013

Welcome to the Blog Hop!

Welcome to the Blog Hop!

Get to know me, Sara Mack, by reading the interview below.
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Interview with Sara Mack

How did you begin your writing career?
I stumbled into it.  It happened like this: a friend of mine was writing some fan fiction, and we were bouncing ideas off one another.  After some time as her beta reader, I though it might be fun to give writing a try myself.  One night, in the shower (the BEST thinking spot ever,) I had the basic idea for the first book in my series, Guardian.  I wanted to write a ghost story.  I had no idea where that ghost story would go, but I started writing chapters here an there, passing them on to my friends for feedback.  As the characters and the story started to expand, my hobby became an obsession.  What was supposed to be one novel morphed into three, and my friends were like, "You have to do something with this!"  So, I researched self-publishing and here I am.

Tell us about your current release.
Allegiant is the second novel in The Guardian Trilogy.  The story picks up where Guardian ended, with Emma returning to college without James, or Dane, in her life.  Emma befriends her neighbor, Garrett, who she soon discovers is hiding some serious secrets.  When James can no longer stay away from Emma, both of them are pulled into the complex world of the Intermediate - all the while trying to maintain their relationship in a human world oblivious to the supernatural.

Do characters invade your head the moment you stumble on a new writing idea?  If so, how long did you fear that you’d gone insane before realizing this is the norm for writers?
My characters completely invade my head!  They live there and talk to me until their story has been told.  I had read other author interviews before I started writing, where they would say similar things, and I was like, “Are you serious?  Are you sure you’re feeling okay?”  Now, I totally get it.  I’m not insane.  Yay!

Who reads the drafts of your novels?
My four beta readers.  I have two friends who are tough on me, and I keep them around for that reason.  One will never let me fall into a cliché storyline, while the other makes sure all the information, even the tiny background details, line up.  Another reader is my cousin, who gives me a much needed ego boost from time to time, and the other is my editor.  She’s the grammar police.

Where can we find your book?
On Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBooks, Smashwords, and Kobo.

Readers love following their favorite authors; which social networking sites can fans find you?
Interaction with readers is the best!
You can find me on Facebook on my personal author page: Sara Mack-Author or on my book page:
I’m also on Twitter at @smackwrites.

Share a pet peeve of yours.
Chewing!  I hate the sound of other people's chewing.  It drives me nuts!

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TBM said...

I grew up with some loud chewers. I won't name names, but man it drove me batty. And yes, the shower is a great thinking place. I think you are the second blogger today to mention that. Your series sounds great and I wish you the best of luck!

Hilary said...

the shower is my best thinking spot too!

J. L. Janine Chalfant said...

Hi Sara, this is J. L. Chalfant (Janine Chalfant). I enjoyed your interview and wanted to give you a Like if you had a FB author page. I'll figure out something else to support your status as peer and author. If you haven't already checked go take a peek at my FB author page, for fun:
Wishing you much success.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sara, If it makes you feel better, I questioned my sanity when I first began writing. It is frightening to have a thought enter your head and not leave. The conversations that follow certainly make you fear mental illness. Luckily, other authors share their experience and confirm we are simply "artists" . I look forward to following your posts on Facebook and wish you the very best.

Anonymous said...

Great interview Sara! Your book sounds interesting ... I can relate to having stories and plots invade my head while in the shower - yes, the shower is a great "think tank" :)

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