Friday, August 9, 2013

Meet Emma!

As this first week of Emma's Birthday Celebration ends, we get to meet Em herself.  Enjoy!

Name:  Emma Lynn Donohue
Birthday:  August 30, 1990
Parents:  Dale and Marlene
Siblings: one older brother, Mike
College:  Western Michigan University
Major:  Business Management
Hobbies:  Reading, homework, avoiding depression
Favorite teams/sports:  Are you kidding me?  None.  Well, it used to be the FSU Bulldogs hockey team.
Favorite personality trait:  Ha!  Right now I’m not too happy with myself after what happened with Dane.
Least favorite personality trait:  Feeling guilty 24/7

What do you want readers to know about you?  I never used to be like this.  I never used to doubt everything, feel guilty about everything.  I was sassy and stubborn; I was sure of myself, sure of James, and sure of us.  Everything was perfect.  Maybe that’s my problem; I took too much for granted and karma wouldn’t allow it anymore.  I’m not sure what I did to warrant what happened, but it had to be huge.  I want to scream to the universe that I’m sorry; I’ll take back whatever I did to cause this mess.  It’s going to be rough trying to sort everything out.  My soul doesn’t want to stop loving James; I can’t force it.  The more I try, the more I fight it.  And then there’s Dane, who has taken up residence in my heart as well.  It’s probably a good thing he’s no longer speaking to me; that fact should make it easier to kick him out.  All I know is that I’m lonely, and I wish those I love weren’t hurting.  I wish I wasn’t hurting.  Unfortunately, I think time is the only antidote for what I have.  I just wish it would hurry up.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

It's time to meet James!

Today, James visits the blog.  (Eh, can you say yum?)  Check out his bio and interview questions below!

Name:  James Henderson Davis
Birthday:  June 11, 1990
Parents:  Eric and Carol
Siblings:  None
College:  Ferris State University (one year), Western Michigan University
Major:  Business Management
Hobbies:  Up until a few months ago it was club hockey
Favorite teams/sports:  Hockey and football.  Teams would be the Wings, the FSU Bulldogs, and mainly college ball.
Favorite personality trait:  I’m pretty protective.
Least favorite personality trait:  Is being dead a personality trait?
What do you want readers to know about you?  The night I died, I needed to blow off some steam.  I shouldn’t have gone out, and I regret it with my entire being.  Nothing good came of that night – you know what happened.  If I could change anything in my life, it would be my death.  Talk about irony.
 I love Emma.  I think I have since we were ten, long before I knew what love really was.  We’ve been inseparable, and God knows it’s going to be hell to stay away from her now.  I’ll do whatever it takes, whatever I can, to watch over her as her Guardian.  I’m not supposed to feel anything physical, but, right now, it sure feels like someone punched a hole through my chest.  I can’t let her go.  Losing her would be like losing a part of myself, and I already feel like half a man.  My only hope is that, one day, she will be able to forgive me for putting her through this.  Until then, I’ll have to settle for keeping her safe.  I guess that’s better than nothing.  I would do anything to change our past and rewrite our future.  If only I had the power.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

More Birthday Celebration Fun!

The birthday celebration fun continues!  Today's bio and interview is with Dane.  If you can make it past the picture, read the answers to his interview questions below ;)

Name:  Dane Ryan Walker
Born:  October 6, 1987
Parents:  Charles and Lily (stepmom) Walker
Siblings:  None
College:  Wayne State University
Major:  Fine Arts, Graphic Design
Hobbies:  Trying to convince a certain girl that she’s in love with me.  Oh, and creating art that doesn’t involve a computer.  I also make the occasional trip to the golf course (if Matt twists my arm) and the gym.
Favorite teams/sports:  Detroit Lions (yeah, I know), and the Tigers.  I ran cross country in high school.
Favorite personality trait:  I’m passionate.
Least favorite personality trait:  Sometimes I have a one-track mind and it’s hard to concentrate on anything else.

What do you want readers to know about you?  My family may have status in our community, but that’s not what defines me.  Around the age of fourteen I decided to do whatever it takes to become my own person.  I have a taste for nice cars, a good steak, and draft beer.  I’ve known Matt since we were young; when his dad and mine served together on the city council (we’d spend our summers defending our tree house from the zombie apocalypse).  We attended different schools, so it was nice to get away from all the kids who pretended to be friendly because they thought I was rich.  When Matt asked for help this past summer with Emma, I didn’t think twice.  He’s like a brother to me; of course I’d lend a hand – even if it meant working for my dad.  Okay, I absolutely hated the idea of working for my father, but, after meeting Emma, I don’t think anything could have stopped me.  I can’t explain it; I’m drawn to her.  I know she feels the same.  The two of us together make sense.  I just need to make her realize it.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Emma's Month Long Birthday Celebration Continues! Meet Shel!

Today's character bio and interview is with Em's best friend, Shel.  Take a peek into Shel's life below!

Name:  Shelby Elizabeth Moore
Born:  April 4, 1990
Parents:  Linda and Darryl (divorced)
Siblings:  an older half-sister, Tabitha, from dad’s first marriage
College:  University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Major:  Biology, concentration Neuroscience
Hobbies:  Lately, Matt ;)
Man!  You two are just alike.  Hobbies other that Matt:  Ha!  My best friend and prepping for med school take up most of my time.  I volunteer a lot.  At first I saw it as a way to get ahead and gain experience, but now I truly enjoy it.
Favorite teams:  Um, yeah.  Not into sports.
Okay…favorite color?  Ooo!  Dark purple.
Favorite personality trait:  I’m persistent.
Least favorite personality trait:  I’m persistent.

What do you want readers to know about you?  Please don’t call me Shelby!  I hate it.  My full name is only used when I’m in trouble (and Emma knows it).  I love Em and her family to death, as if they were my own (my mom and I don’t get along that great.  Long story.)  Oh – and don’t tell Matt this – but in the fifth grade, when Emma and I decided we were best friends, she had to talk me into letting James and Matt into our circle.  I mean really talk me into it.  Who wants boys as best friends?  Especially those two!  They would chase us around on recess and pull our hair.  Come to think about it, I’m pretty sure I knew back then that James and Em would end up together one day.  It’s just so sad, you know, what happened.  All I want is for her to be happy…and I’ll do what I can to help her get there :)

Monday, August 5, 2013

Emma's Month-Long Birthday Celebration is Upon Us!

Emma's birthday is August 30th!  To mark the occasion, during the month I'll be introducing characters from Guardian, as well as posting polls, and hosting a giveaway.  All this goodness leads up to the cover reveal, synopsis, and release date of Allegiant at the end of the month.

Today's character bio and interview is with Em's good friend, Matt Randall.  Take a peek into Matt's life below!

Name:Matthew Landon Randall
Born:  March 2, 1990
Parents:  Robert and Marie
Siblings:  None
College: Oakland University, Rochester, MI
Major:  Communication
Hobbies:  Shel ;)
Hobbies Other than Shel:  club soccer at OU, golf, Crossfit
Favorite teams:  U of M football, Detroit Red Wings, Detroit Tigers
Favorite personality trait:  I’m loyal.
Least favorite trait:  I have a hard time knowing when to speak and when to shut up!
What do you want readers to know about you?  I don’t normally run around punching drunks, and my fireworks displays don’t usually suck.  I make a mean grilled chicken and a pretty tasty daiquiri.  If you’re a close friend, I’ll always have your back.  

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Goofy Goober Finally Finds Time to Blog!

Well, it's 10:17 at night, my hubby is out with the guys, and my kids are watching The Spongebob Squarepants Movie for the million-th time.

"I'm a goofy goober!  ROCK!"

You know that will be in my head (and yours) for a little while!  Sorry.  Now is as good a time as any to blog, right?

So, wow.  Where do I begin?  Things have been slightly psycho since I revealed my writing secret and published a book.  It's a good kind of psycho, though.  The support I've received has been amazing, and I mean FlAmIng AmaZeBaLLs amazing!  Never in a million years did I expect so many people to love my story.  Never.  Getting a good review is like a drug; my own personal brand of heroin.  (This is where Twilight fans - myself included - roll their eyes yet still smile).

Wait...please hold.  A fight is ensuing downstairs between the offspring over a bagel.  One sec.


Okay, I'm back.  Crisis averted.  Why are my children eating bagels so late you might ask?  Because they are eating machines!  It's like a 24/7 buffet over here.  I swear I'm only writing to keep food in the house.

Anyway, back to the flaming amazeballs and heroin.  Like I said, things have been great and I've met some really wonderful ladies online who have reviewed my story and already support the sequel 100%.  I'm not going to lie; this makes me nervous and excited.  What if the next book doesn't live up to the first?  I mean, I love it.  Will everyone else?  I'm still waiting for that first inevitable bad review of Guardian.  I'm sweating over here, wondering when it will appear.  The book has only been out just over a month, after all.

Stressing isn't something new for me; just ask those who know me.  But, that's okay because it means I care.  This wouldn't be worth doing if I didn't care, right?  (This is where you nod and say "yes.")  I mean, dreaming of ways to market my book and waking up with ideas is totally normal (again, you nod and say "yes").  Keeping track of reviewers and giveaways I've agreed to participate in via a sticky note jungle is totally status quo (again, yes).  And checking FB and Goodreads like a fecking idiot is also sane.

Yep, it's official.  I am, indeed, a goofy goober.


I won't keep you; in fact, I think I hear YouTube which means my son is on my Kindle.  Again.  So much for reading tonight; I can sense the battery draining as I type.  So, if you're reading this, it means you support me and for that I am truly grateful.  If you have read Guardian and enjoyed it, I'm glad I could entertain you.  I have a list of those who have gone over and above to promote me and my work, and if there ever comes a time where I'm able to pay it forward, consider yourself PAID.  Because I'm a goofy goober.  We're all goofy goobers.  And we...(wait for it)...


God, that was awful.  I never claimed to be a comedian.

Thank you!  Good night!