Sunday, September 8, 2013

Allegiant Cover and Release Date!

Allegiant, the second book in The Guardian Trilogy, will be released Sunday, October 6th!

Look at the pretty cover!  I am in love with it.  Here is the paperback version as well:

I have to send a super shout out to S.M. Koz and Breena Slayton for all their hard work and putting up with my changing mind!

Wondering what Allegiant is about?  Here is the synopsis from the back cover:

Last summer, Emma discovered that true love never dies.
It can return.
It can give you hope.
It can pull you from darkness.

Until it’s ripped from you.

As her 22nd birthday approaches, Emma Donohue finds herself back at school and utterly alone.  Hours away from family and friends, her solitary days are spent contemplating what never should have been.  James should never have died, but he did.  He should never have been assigned as her Guardian,
but he was.  And she should never have allowed Dane to get too close to her heart.

But she failed.

Desperate to fill her time, Emma is intrigued by her mysterious new neighbor, Garrett.  She’s never met anyone quite like him before, and, curious, she attempts to discover his past.  Little does she know his presence will pull her into a world she could never imagine.  A world that follows an ancient doctrine.
A world built on loyalty, yet plagued by secrets and lies.

A world that will threaten everything – and everyone – she loves.

Anxiously awaiting October 6th, when I can share this story with you all!


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