Monday, August 5, 2013

Emma's Month-Long Birthday Celebration is Upon Us!

Emma's birthday is August 30th!  To mark the occasion, during the month I'll be introducing characters from Guardian, as well as posting polls, and hosting a giveaway.  All this goodness leads up to the cover reveal, synopsis, and release date of Allegiant at the end of the month.

Today's character bio and interview is with Em's good friend, Matt Randall.  Take a peek into Matt's life below!

Name:Matthew Landon Randall
Born:  March 2, 1990
Parents:  Robert and Marie
Siblings:  None
College: Oakland University, Rochester, MI
Major:  Communication
Hobbies:  Shel ;)
Hobbies Other than Shel:  club soccer at OU, golf, Crossfit
Favorite teams:  U of M football, Detroit Red Wings, Detroit Tigers
Favorite personality trait:  I’m loyal.
Least favorite trait:  I have a hard time knowing when to speak and when to shut up!
What do you want readers to know about you?  I don’t normally run around punching drunks, and my fireworks displays don’t usually suck.  I make a mean grilled chicken and a pretty tasty daiquiri.  If you’re a close friend, I’ll always have your back.  


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